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South West Exhibition Education & Training

Welcome to SWEET (South West Exhibition Education & Training) an organisation that is here to help all those involved in Optics in the South West at whatever level.


Formerly there have been many Optical events around the country, some regular and on-going others as “one-offs”, but all centring on the major cities in the Midlands and South East…… Our region in the South West has been “left out in the cold”……. But no more!

….SWEET is on hand to alter that and bring high quality Exhibitions and Training to our region.


SWEET recognises that gaining CET is a requirement of professionals staying registered with the GOC and we are very happy to provide that. However we feel that building on our knowledge goes way beyond that and professionals who are involved with the provision of high quality eye-care and eye-wear need to be able to access the very latest ideas and technology without having to travel out of area to do so.

SWEET also knows how important it is to have knowledgeable front of house staff and optical assistants. We will be putting a lot of effort into providing suitable training and events that will inspire your practice team.

Communication is key to all our businesses be it with patients, staff or colleagues. Whilst we all are busy and providing an excellent service it is easy to become a little insular and remote from what is happening around us. To help rectify that SWEET will be providing several other easy to access facilities to make sure you will be involved in all that affects us in the South West.

On the jobs front should you be moving into this area or be looking for a new position then please take advantage of our HR section. Whether you are looking for employment or you are an employer looking for a new member of staff your details will be available for prospective employers to see but your identity will be protected.

Most practices have odd items of equipment that are surplus to requirements as they upgrade if you have anything you would like to sell then please use our “SHOP” area. You can list a screwdriver or a complete practice refit. Student books are always needed as are hand instruments.

SWEET is here for you, your support will make the South West region stronger and more cohesive in taking eye care forward into the exciting new arena that will undoubtedly be challenging us in the next few years.

It is now over to you to sign in and receive our regular updates. Yes we are new Yes we are innovative but nothing in this world stands still and we will help you take Optics forward ………. It costs nothing to register and we will not be using your details for any third party. If you are involved in optics in the South West in any way shape or form then you should be registered with SWEET.